About me



My name is Fiona Abel and I'd like to briefly introduce myself.

Since my childhood I have learned how it feels to live between and along two cultures. My British mother and my Austrian father set me an example on how to build bridges, how to secure them and how to pass them with joy. This is how they supported my positive conception of humanity and philanthropy. I myself tried a lot of professions but now I have found my calling.

After browsing along various paths of life, I know how wonderful it can be to accompany other people on their way.

I attended the promente Akademie in Vienna to become a counsellor and I also took a course with Dr. Dieter Schumtzer for Supervision. It means a lot to me to support my clients on their search for solutions, to bring hidden solutions to the surface so they are seen and heard.

This is the beginning of “The time of change” in your life.