At Your Service

As a councellor with diploma

I do offer you support in the situation of a crises. I will listen to you without
judging you and I will give a helping hand to discover new perspecives.

I will work with you on different solutions for various situations of life.
And you will learn different methods hwo to help yourself.

My job is to build bridges - bridges between you and your issues.
These bridges will lead you to unexplored, new paths of life.

Furthermore I support you to discover hidden topics within yourself and
how to integrate theminto your life.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Yours, Fiona Abel

„Life is what you make it.“

- Do you sometimes ask yourself
   why things are not going “well” ?

- Are you looking for someone
   to support you during a time of crisis?

- You are looking for someone who
   listens to you carefully without judging you?

- You would like to explore new
   perspectives in your life?

- You would like to experience counselling
   concerning different issues of your life?

  Then I am the person you are looking for!

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