In the context of counselling:

I address people of all ages who:

- are looking for support to alter life for the better
- want to break fresh grounds or would like to refocus
- want to pour out their woes to someone without getting unwelcome advice
- toil to establish social contacts

And further more I support couples who like to work on their relationship.




How does counselling work?

Together we will look at your issues and I support you to come up with solutions
and how to make them work for you. If you wish I accompany you along even after
you have implemented the solutions in your live succsessfully.

Everything that is spoken about during the counselling maintains confidentiality.


With who do I not work?

People who are diagnosed with mental illnesses.

Service & Tariffs:

Bilingual Counselling:
English and German

1 Hour (60 min): 70 Euro VAT included

1 Hour (60 min): 80 Euro VAT included


Social tariff:

I do offer a social tariff for people who do need counselling, but are not able to pay full price at the moment. The decision is a personal matter.


Status of August-1, 2016
(Subject to modification)